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FOTOS MONTAGE from 2014 to 2018. Interviews and shoots at the United Ntions Geneva.
Prof Michel Veuthey Deputy Rep of the Order of Malta at the UN  during EWTN Interview Prof Michel Veuthey Deputy Rep of the Order of Malta at the UN Fr Michael Czerny Veronika Skvortsova Russian Minister of Health Abp Jurkovic and Msgr Richard Ghyra Schwester Mary und Pater Obiora bei der UN Syrian Patriarchs at the UN Geneva 2016  Archbishop Jurovic during EWTN Interview at UN Ambassador Pictet Althann of the Order of Malta at the UN during Interview  Prof Msgr Obiora Ike of Globethics net Martin Rothweiler EWTN and Prof Obiora Ike at Globethics net offices  Fr Michael Czerny from the Vatican Prof Alfred de Zayas rchbishop Jurkovic and Christian Peschken Syrian UN Geneva Ambassador Aala Philipp Ozores from Aid to the Churh in Need Aleppo Archbishop Jeanbart during EWTN Interview  Fr Frans Thoolen Fr. Mike Deeb - Dominicans for Justice and Peace - tries a Porsche at Geneva Autoshow 2016 Ambassador Khraishi of the State of Palestine at the UN Geneva Holy See Flag raised at UN Geneva 2015 Yvette Isaac Jony Messo WCA Russian Minister Lavrov at UN Geneva My friend Nello Scavo and I at UN Geneva Winners of the de Mello Award 2015 EWTN Deutschland new Broadcast Van 2018
more fotos coming soon …
Cardinal Peter Turkson during my interview  Sheik Imran Hosein and Ryad Awaja -Attache State of Paslestine Imran Hosein dueing my interview at UN Fr Eric Salobir